Dear Customer, thank you for your purchase. We would like to inform you that should any of the following events occur you will be entitled to receive a jewel with the same characteristics or, should it not be available, a jewel of equal value at the date of purchase:

1 Violent robbery or threat to personal safety occurred while the jewel is located in:
   1.1 the residence (registered permanent address) of the Insured.
   1.2 the occasional residence of the Insured during the periods in which s/he resides in it.
2. Violent robbery or threat to personal safety by ripping the jewel off while it is worn by the Insured.
3. Mugging through violence and dexterity by ripping the jewel off while it is worn by the Insured.
4. Destruction of the jewel by fire.
This certificate:
   -Is personal and therefore only valid if, at the time of the event covered by this certificate, the jewel is    still owned and in possession of the Purchaser and/or recipient and/or his/her next-of-kin;
   -Is valid for claims that may occur in all countries of the world;
   -Is valid for jewels the unit value of which does not exceed € 40,000 (forty thousand/00 euros).
   -Does not cover misplacing, mysterious disappearance, loss, accidental breakage or partial damage of    the jewel, even if the latter is the result of attempted theft, robbery or fire.
   -Is valid for 12 (twelve) months from the date of purchase.
   -Is valid if this certificate is activated within 30 (thirty) days from the date of purchase.

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